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Homemade Herbal Soap


Our soap are made from selective herbs like Citronella, Sweet Ylang-Ylang, Anise Star, Tumeric and many more! They are latherish herbal soap with essential oils which have qualities such as "Clove" that helps relax stress, relish pain, and increase overall blood circulation. We pack them in three so that you can experience the smooth lather, mild body scrubs, and exfoliation for complete cleansing routine. Pick and choose below for your personal use or for gifts to families and friends.

1. Carrot
Riches in Beta-carotene and vitamin A and C, carrot juice tones your skin and acts as a skin softener.

2. Cinnamon
Spicy ador with a slightly sweet undertone, cinnamon stimulates and refreshes your mind. It helps warming and toning the body with natural antiseptice properties.

3. Citronella
Tonic and antiseptic, citronella acts as a natural deodorant and ease feeling of depression by its clearing and uplifting effect. Its refreshing citrus fragrance also keeps bugs away from you.

4. Citrus
High in vitamin C, finely grated rind of citrus fruits have strong antibacterial qualities help toning and astringent skin. With natural AHA, its’s a perfect exfoliate soap bar leaving your skin smooth and clean.

5. Clove
With spicy scent, clove is a powerful antiseptic for you clean refreshed skin. It helps relax stress, relish pain and increase overall blood circulation.

6. Coffee
Ground fresh coffee beans are particularly useful for removing unwanted odors while gently scrub off dead skin cells.

7. Cooling Spirulina
Spirulina is a soothing, moisturing plant packed with protein, Beta-carotene, and minerals which are perfect foods for your skin while a blend of spearmint,
eucalyptus, and cedarwood oils cools your body and relieves itching.

8. Eucalyptus
Antiseptic and mildly astringent, eucalyptus heals sunburn and wounds while being useful as an insect repellent. It cools your body in summer and protect in
winter. Its minty aroma helps cool heated emotions and clear your tired mind.

9. Ginger
Spicy but comforting, giner helps clear bruises and warm your body while leave your skin clean with its antiseptice qualities.

10. Honey-Wholewheat
Wholewheat is rich in calcium and iron. It exfoliates dead skin cells without feeling abrasive while honey hydrates and sooths the skin with wonderful emolient properties.

11. Kaffir Lime
An Oriental Citrus, Kaffir Lime is riched in vitamin noted for anti-aging and antiseptic properties help invitalize your skin while you enjoy shower with its
refreshing scent.

12. Lemongrass
A natural antiseptic tropical grass, lemongrass helps tone and condition your skin with a sweet lemony scent to stimulate your mind.

13. Mulberry Green Tea
Sweet warm aroma, mulberry green tea nourishes and increase skin elasticity for beautiful young looking skin.

14. Plai
Marverlous Thai herb, finely ground Plai gives mild exfoliate with its natural AHA helps smooth and rejuvenate skin. It is also a perfect herb to relieve aching and muscle soreness.

15. Safflower
Safflower promotes soft and smooth skin while its pleasant oil contains conditioning and moisturizing properties help nourish your skin.

16. Sandalwood
Sweet warm and rich with antiseptic qualities, sandal wood gives a softening effect and is good for all skin types,especially dry and aging skin. Its woody aroma helps reduce stress and promote restful sleep.

17. Sesame Scrub
A mild scrub bar with cooling essential oil blend great for all skin type. Black sesame seed contains conditioning nutrients and natural moisturizer.

18. Soothing Seaweed
Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, seaweed is a good source of nutrients for enriching and soothing all skin types with a touch of minty scent of
peppermint, eucalyptus, and pine oils to encourage a fresh feeling.

19. Star Anise
Long been used in cooling and medicine, anise star invigorates a tired mind with its stimulant properties while acts as a tonic to help smooth and clean your

20. Sweet Ylang-Ylang
Ylang-Ylang serves to soften and rejuvenate the skin with its soothing effect, good for all skin types, especially oily skin. Its sedative and luxurios scent create a feeling of peace and dispels anger.

21. Tumeric
Tumeric has long been known as a natural herb for beauty. Its qualities make this bar highly emolient and soothing for all types of skin.

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